a brand new day

Before i turn in or sorta as i’m layin there i think to the cosmos god holy great love sacred mystery of which i will never know the true name, blessed holy spirit, sacred highest harmony divine flame~

Be with me now?

i sure could use some inner essence, some sense of the divine innocent child.

It is dark in my room, shadowed as it’s been most the year, i speak to whatever is there peeking in at me you’re not welcome here, out!! this more fierce decided, clear and firm than my thoughts spoke to god and i see the light shift and the shadow skit across the wall. By the time i hear from my sweetheart i am almost asleep watching Love/Basketball it is such a good movie my heart moves fluidly i feel happy and warm in my chest bc i have love. i am always a sweet soft sucker for love even though i spent 10 yrs denying it. After he texts and i after that wake back up i realize i am sleeping with my contacts in and also, if i want to feel well rested i will need to set my alarm and put an eye shade on bc it’s midnight now and i have to be at work at 9 tmw and really need the sleep.

So when waking wakes me as a fountain of light and spirited in the center of my body as it too well before my the cover’s even off my eyes and while really every other part of me still is in sleep, i am stunned almost by the glee. i think oh it’s still early yet bc i can tell by the songs of the birds but there it is, this buoyancy. This organic joy.

It is September now & the crystal clear & sharp blues, the sky miles high and wide. It is not long before i am full with coffee and heading into town for early morning light and crisp edges, i park in the spot i always grab downtown and get to wanderin. This is when she’s with me, the little one sacred innocence. Just speaking clear as the sky clear reflecting over reels of September blue sea.

i am writing this now bc i know i left you in Shenandoah, still round quiet little one enchanted with the mists of green and pink and tinkling streams and tinkling creeks, i know you needed to stay. that you came to me to be with me, after i called out for you.

well, today was a brand new day.

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