can see

she tells me, my brains all broke
needs help, help i think like
me telling a story of love?

black tar eye shown up everywhre i look
like tiger paw on the lead, help like help!

i get buzzed down at dark waters & fox comes
to protect me, only i can see
the fae light, tender
transluscent green
i can see the maya of your injury & challenge
it puts up in me still i concentrate only on my
own. he needs work. it’s true i have done
do my own it’s true

he broke

i will go to the sea
alone i will

home, this is mine

times 3

fuck this. hummingbird comes buzzn happy heady hardy down
fuck this. ignorance isn’t charming it’s dangerous complicit full of
excuses, never never land aint this kinda island no more you WEAR
CROWN fuck this

i took the slash out my eye, fuck this
i see clear, see the fat sizzle see the inner flame reckoning
see the glow, see the burn

fuck this

i trust in Timing
thyming is mutable~
do your work.

fucking take your turn

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