he tells me
as long as i love him
he’ll always make sure
‘i can do my little writings,
see the sun come up,
see the sun go down,
and pick flowers.’

this is verbatim.

i have nothing to criticize.
it’s all i want in the world, his love
& those most simple things

my beloved, him, nearby the actual truth is
other than what will make him crazy, i do
not know what to say and because
his crazy is blood in my veins the truth is
i wake up and say some short, mean shit even
tho the only thing i want in the morning is the
smell and taste of him in my mouth and
on my skin & WE WILL FUCK THIS UP all i know
all i think to tell him is

don’t go, i can not live without
this but living with is harder
than love is


til it is, and that’s what i give, too
not just drink,

my need is great. so is his fear

one satisfies the other as long
as it is near

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