after no problem not a party poem, for diprima

box under your bed / cleavers, magic*mking
in the dreaming still dawn clear dark

no problem
/ you meet winnie on the beach (not even a complete moon tide ago
all the 3 3’s, the double nothings and down downs since then)
you meet winnie and the dancing sunrise loft of dolphin
glee and earth into air water fire glisten mist
labyrinth sea shell spirals
tide cr e a tn g oh &
all the bones,

it’s all happening
no problem

you gave all twice now for social justice
yours to walk w minding mind whatever that may mean, but, whatever baby mamas and best friend exes of baby mamas won’t ever have time for that common white grl shit

no problem

there is a box under your bed &
this is the dream, pictures of you
n your wife, 11 yrs back
pictures from connecticut you can’t
even count your heartbeat by anymore

offensive memes &
your childhood home every where always
wherever you go,

the words have got to mean more than this,
no problem

winnie comes w magic mouth of the

m o o n no problem

poesis calls, none is yet to be
seen so

no problem i am out of money and out of time for you and this ol story
whole story
unwritten, re
done?  you and i are O N  e?

no problem.

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