the trick is

i reFind Poesis, as i
first learned to track it some time

anngar /farms, a different portion of this peninsula
a different world ago

when it comes back to me it is reminded    hence;
you are pagan bound,
the way it moves my bones
my blood be told

It is Bridhe, it is Imbolc, it is sap rising
it is ewe cry winter in the bleating dark

i am visited by eros or  violence
it is loving or warring as the tale goes.  it is violent as breath
the words they took
the ones i vow to give back


in wonder, on the bay side
enough near the bridge for it to be a crosswind


a poem my way comes
a lady called vicky
and we consecrate
what it is to coronate

red blazer;  queen of hearts at the gate

i am my own daimon, love is the substance
the prima materia

depending on the gaze —

that part winky shout to man on edge of non literalism
that i pray learn to extend self-ward
this little bit, non eros neutrality

–if love the materia, sacred body the base elemental
rooted material foundation true is true

in case no one is keeping score

there’s a hashtag for the next round

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