page 3. july 2017.

The ruins of Maya in the jungle at Coba keep coming back to me
Husband and I married there, in the shade of a thousand mysteries
under three vultures circling and trees with leaf tendril curls and root systems we had never seen. We said things
only for us to say made moves only for us to make
exchanged vows meant only for brother-sister soldier.
What ails us now through the Calling of our work I cannot say
it is a gibbous harvest moon and all is haze.  This is scary of course
the course of cradles of worlds colliding in truth the haze the transitory space.  Initiation, yes maybe
in between for sure.

It was muscled in the funk in my knotted back, feeln off-rails when ER called and assured me.  It is like that with us she will call as if out of a dream and mornings like today we share meditation in different times outside of times & places same but not at all

Today the dance of dragon flies twins round and round in a spiral
til I shared it with her, and she told me this morning in the garden she’d found a wing.


I rented us bikes, which he seemed hesitant to do,
we took the path to the end to the highest temple and already I’d been stomached by the sweat
once by my blood,
once by my heart choke burnt me with vision I didn’t want to let in

(Nature spirit, air, spoke to me too, and that was light and nestley underneath my skin.  But the downloads …

of us humans, it was hot and made me so restless I was instantly afraid)

…The temple where I said to him afterwards come on let’s remarry in the woods.

WOAHHH what shadows cast?  jaguar jeweled blue eyes white panther the spot where you were
cut/comes back

jaguar jeweled blue eyes violent heart of violent home
I don’t want to make a case for this, but it’s easier it seems
then holding on or
not wanting at all to go


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