coyote fresh

do i tell you about natalie merchant/the vortex
on the pier/ skeletal shakes of backroad belly dancers/
a man i knew growing up/ caught an std in asia
the deadly one/ but who i remember carny barker
coin glitter in/ dark pupils coyote sparkle on his fresh ass
teeth/ clean as a raptor talon through prey

no.  i could say more but don’t.  i am busy

got my own man-child, chldrn too
& he’s full of his own death and so what
i fall for enchant. friend of coyote breath
also carny barker he eats me they do
they all do
as i ought myself
easy glide in to the disaster of

so eagerly enjoying fruit
even if it’s mine
even if it’s for his bite
even if i’m lying

half blind aint never been a truth / coyote fresh /

i ignore for T i M e

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