when i cut strawberries

For Mo

little caps giggle-blush of tween girl leggy and awkward in gym, it is summer, late spring, season of strawberry air on ventura highway driving forever right now the only place to be

it is eucalyptus and promise of any??!  ALL!! things are possible w avocado breakfast sandwiches first morning after not seeing me in 15 years

welcoming me snuggle arms into your midnight bed

me a long time concrete tracking

leaving newport beach behind

same ol busted heart mess

when i cut strawberries, we are hugging in the driveway on the hill collapsing into each others tears redwood trees drinking mist

green maps of arms outflung in prayer

when i cut strawberries, i am home again santa cruz promise spirit fresh light of old growth salt arise my spirit,

take me to where wind leads better days.  i think of you, mo

& hope you know.

you’re loved.

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