i retrn to the coffee shop, prepared

to retrn to the craft            of my 1st serious poem.  i left it here                                                       waiting for me        last wk         ( you have to keep/ a hair / ahead / of the beat / or else / you’re just marking time )           

how to do this, and craft, at once?

my label~serious–or in other words, what i mean by that:                                                            to craft & stay btwn the worlds, antenna  U P, at once responsive to & creating                     s o u n d

she is a Queen, or

A beast, either way she sees me see at the behest of something greater than

Both of Us                                            Time, i tell her, what you taught

is mutable,                                                                                full of desire

for itself,

to be that, above it, & simultaneous of it~


i respond, get it all down, it seems

but still don’t know


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