96 grl

there is alcoholic woman, I think it is m,

(she can’t seem to make it past 3 mos w out a drink)

she rides a bike, wants to ride it all the way to her sister’s, it is a bike w basket and I am busy making excuses for her, why I think it’s a good idea even tho she won’t get there by sun down–

to this place on the other side of the tall pines I show her how to get to by the map

Meantime I am getting ready.

I’m in the bathroom small talkn w mom. Like curling my eyelashes and hair. Things I haven’t done since my 20s.

We’re in cityscape now, one part Baltimore part San Fran part Seattle, and I am on top of hill at port looking down at museum–which also keeps showing up

Then I’m inside, and it’s wedding, and we’re in museum gift shop which also is part of airport–these bougy chics I’m with, I’m fakeN it with–but it’s so second me to be able to do so I’m not even tired by it now, a suit I must step into and of course I’m showing them the only find in the joint, these earrings worth a second look

Now I’m w Sam, he picks me up top of a hill near exit ramp that also often shows up

And there’s a cd I scored, rare find. I go to play it and he’s got his own copy in already, he leaves me at wharf rat bayside joint in beachcity

And there’s tomboy chic there dream me knew from growing up but I can’t place her other than to say she’s L from wellness center who also I went to college with, who yes is from here but we didn’t grow up tgthr, she keeps telling me as if I’ve always known her she’s 96

And rstr is here, heading inside, he’s speaking irie muck mouth and the cold harsh cement of his body the glean eye that doesn’t see me doesn’t soften won’t hug me, making ramble ruff spit words out the side of his mouth

Like so often when they were hard drunk and on that trip like we used to say

About the ones who mostly are dead now, anyway

And for the first time I leave–go in, find the small bag I left there at wharf rat joint–then rejoin 96 grl who by now I know is with me to ride

and i keep us moving, get us a cab, and so on

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