i saw bald eagle today,

i saw bald eagle today, came into view flying car height a half mile in front of me, on an updraft, clearly on the hunt

i’d gone back to the mama bc it was several days since we’d been together and the flooding my emotions do, the dry disconnect in my body that happens when it’s been too long

it was below thirty w the wind chill at the beach.  my intent was “what i need” and my instinct spoke go south when the boards met the sand after cutting through the dune.  i headed southeast in a diagonal line towards the sea. at the beach mud an image of me with my feet in the sand came, and i knew in quite a conscious way:

i need to ground.  so i followed the path of sun glisten on the sand to a place that felt centered in the round, magic hour light.  and i dropped in, and grounded, and sourced, and rooted, and released

i had forgotten that my intent was “what i need” and just enjoyed the reconnecting to mama earth in such a simple, real way

it wasn’t til i saw the eagle, on my way off the island, that i remembered.  bc there’s never a time that i connect to earth medicine that i don’t also have a visit by an animal guide, before it’s all the way done.

i love my life, and always getting to return to how the magic is

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